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2001-07-14 05:34:04 (UTC)

Losing Melanie (Part II) - [07:32] June 2, 2355

Sarah hummed to herself happily as she rubbed the shampoo
through her hair. The hot water ran down her nude humanoid
body as she took a shower and prepared for the day.

Suddenly, a light knock at the door caught her attention.

"Who is it?"

Chris' muffled voice replied. "It's me, hon, I've got some
bad news."

Sarah stopped washing her hair for a moment. "Bad news?"


She was puzzled. "Come on in..."

Chris opened the door and slowly stepped into the steamy
bathroom. "Hon, you might not want to stand while I tell
you this..."

Sarah raised an eyebrow and stepped out of the shower,
sitting down on the Amian-style toilet. "W-why?"

"Cause I was floored when I heard it yesterday night."

Sarah was immediately terrified. It took a hard hit or a
horrible bit of news to floor Chris. Chris was sturdy. "W-
what is it?"

Chris sighed heavily. "Sarah, someone was killed

This bit of news did not phase her. "So? Someone is
killed every day."

Chris' eyes hardened. "Someone we know."

Now Sarah was a bit frightened. "Who?"

Chris sighed and knelt before his mate. "Sarah, Melanie
was killed."