pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
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2002-08-19 03:50:45 (UTC)

let it alone...

a new begining has finaly come.
going to a new place...everyone is going,
yet no one knows you, no one knows your past.
and would you plan on telling them?
just the basics you say...starting over remember?
don't wanna bring up the past.
no never bring up the past.
you carry it with you wherever you go,
but never dare to let it out to some place new.
keep it in, don't let it out. no one wants to know.
no one has to know. the pain you've endured.
it gets to you sometimes, you just want TO LET IT ALL OUT!
but no, don't give in, keep it in,
let it out secretly, the public need not to worry,
only ponder why it is she is so weird,
and why it is, she is so interesting,
and what it is that draws them near...