U think u know, but u have no Idea
2002-08-19 03:30:16 (UTC)

x-country camp was (surprisingly) awsome!

hey guys, I just got back from x-country camp and it was
great. although we worked like dogs, and had very little
resting time I had an awsome time. well everyday we had to
wake up and go running at 6:30 till about 9....that wasv
hard as shit, then we usually slept then we went to lunch
(but the food was like was the nastiest
shit ever) so u ate like fruit, then we had a water work
out, which is usually treading water for an hour, then
water running. then we did circuts (100 push ups, couple
hundred crunches, step ups, heel raises,plunges,etc)we're
usually done by dinner. after that we chilled. I met soooo
many guys. and my new fave team are the medina boys
(especially the seniors)I met this really hot kid named
steve, but our "relationship" was more of a friend
thing.Like one night i snuck out to the boys cabins, but i
didn't feel like chillin w/the hawken boys, so I sat at the
bench in the middle of the lil camp area, and this kid was
across from me listing to head phones,but he had a read hat
pulled over his eyes. well I was like hey whats up, and we
started talking (for like 40 min) and at the end of the
night i knew his entire life story and where he lived,lol.
he didn't look that hott, but the next morning I saw him
and i damn near died,lol. HE WAS FUCKING GORGEOUS!!!!! omg
it was beautiful. wait this makes him 10 times
hotter...he's a senior!!!! so anyway walked past him and
mumbled hey like it was no big deal, but I purposely sat
across from him, and everytime I looked over he was staring
at me. then randomly he was like really loudly"HEY MEAGHAN"
I was like "whats up steve and high fived him. then I got
up and all his friends were like who's she and stuff, and
thats how i met the rest of the medina guys. but anyway he
seriously like pursued me, I didn't even have to try. I was
using his friends cards, and I was giving them back to jeff
(anther senior who was notorious for walking around in
tighy whity's) and he came up to me like hey meaghan, u
shouldn't be in boys cabins(he was talking to girls and
totally stopped the convo to talk to me!!) and I flicked
him off and walked away, then he was like u wanna fight,
and I was like sure, and I went up to him and he grabbed my
hands and was being all flirty and threatend to spray me
w/hair moouse,lol mean while girls are still standing
there, just sort of and everytime I saw him
he would scream my name. Liek I'd be walking w/ my friends
and I'd hear meaghan! and I wouldn't even have to turn, cuz
I knew it was him. he was like the hottest guy at camp and
he chose me!!!!!!! I don't feel like telling all his
storys, but another one of his friends (who met before I
met steve) hit on me like the second day. this really hott
kid w/curly blonde hair and an awseome body kept staring at
me, and I was like umm not my type,lol. so I kind of
avoided him. but then one day these guys were kicking my
ball (I brought i really big bouncy ball) and I was like
HEY GET OFF MY BALL,lol and he went over there and got it
and was like get off her ball ass holes,lol. and I was like
ohh how cute,lol. and he was like here's ur ball, I was
like thanx:) later I was talking to him and it turns
out he;s a senior at medina(isn't everyone). he was so
hitting on me,I put out my hand to say hey my names
meaghan, and he takes my hand and puts his hand over it and
is like hi, i'm matt, it's really nice to meet u. I was
like OHH GOD, either he's perfect or anyway finally
he asks what grade I;m gonna be in.... and I'm like ummm
freshman, and he like almost stepsback,lol. it was downhill
from there, but I didn't care cuz I had steve, but matt
didn't stop checking me out all the time and stuff, so that
was cool. but I also met this nice kid fomr centerville
(JR) but i really don't feel like going into all my guy
stories,lol. Ohh yeah I got really tight w/ meesy ( a JR at
school) she is the nicest person! omg I luv her. meg was
kind of a hoe, so I kinda tried not to hang out w/her. I
mean she is like one of my truest bestest friends, but when
it comes to guys, she has the absolute worse taste, and
will chose a guy over a friend like it's nothing.what else.
OHH YEAH I LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT!!!!! my thighs now have a
full 2 cinimeters between them (at the thickest point) so
thats cool. all the working out and the bad food(which
meant I pretty much starved)really paid off. I have a six
pack and my arm muscles are really toning, so thats
great.but it's late and I gotta wake up for practice at
like 8 so ttyl diary
mood: sleepy, sick(stuff nose)
clothes: new chelsea flares from abercrombie (bought in a
size 2 so they'll be kinda baggy)incubus t-shirt (about to
go to bed, so chill out clohtes)
music:john mayer(reminds me of camp.......which I kinda