My Life.............
2002-08-19 03:07:09 (UTC)

went over to Bobby s tonight,..

went over to Bobby's tonight, we sat outside and talked
then played cards, i whipped his butt 3 times.LOL then he
started beating me, which isnt so funny.LOL
Tommorrow, im going to get my hair cut, and go out to eat
with Roy then we are going to go up to the bar and play
pool with Bobby, i dont knw how that will turn out, but, im
hoping for the best.LOL *fingers crossed*....
I miss Bobby so much, his kisses and hugs, and i know he
misses me too, i caught him staring at me a few times
tonight, and when i asked him about it, he just
said "nothing" and he told my sister he would like to get
back with me, i would love that, very much, but, things
would have to change, on both sides, i know id have to
leave Roy and he would have to cut down on his drinking and
get a job, hey i can dream cant i???.... maybe someday that
all will happen, right now im just glad hes a part of my
life, even if it is just friendship...:)