the ups and downs of my life
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2002-08-19 02:15:57 (UTC)

shopping and blue berry picking

saturday i went blueberry picking and then i came home and
then later that night i went to jimmmeys house and went
swimming. it was fun. we drank dr wow and swam and didi
water crunchs and played with willamina. lol it was fun

then today i went shopping at the mall and at khols i got
cool pants and a shirt at jcpenny and got another pair of
pants and 5 more shirts at khols. i got undies, flip flops
and sneakers too. i still need a backpack, another pair
of pants and notebooks. maybe a bra too. lol

it was fun there were some ppl there that are pretty funny
one lady was like girls try to show there thongs and ur
not going to do it underwear belong under ur pants not
above them.

well i think thats it for now today was a gfood daylots
of laughs with ash..shes funny

well ttyl