2002-08-19 01:11:29 (UTC)

Lazy Summer Afternoon

My afternoon was spent finishing J.A. Jance's A Partner in
Crime outside while sipping a cold lemonade. I dozed now
and then and woke to hear birds singing, read some more and
then drifted off again. Some people like to go camping, to
climb mountains, to swim in the ocean, hike, fish, or golf
on their vacations but I thoroughly enjoyed my version of a
vacation afternoon!

Dinner was easy enough. Throw the steaks on the barbeque,
the scrubbed potatoes in the microwave and the green beans
came in a ziploc bag, cleaned and snipped, so I just tossed
those in a pan filled with water on the stove. We polished
off the pie I baked yesterday with ice cream after the sun
went down.

Just a glorious, glorious quiet and restful day.