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2002-08-19 00:34:08 (UTC)

Single Moms

I was babysitting for a little boy today. Very cute. Now,
before I go any further, the fact that we are both toe
headed blonds and have big blue eyes must be known. When I
am with him, it is automatically assumed that he is my

I took him to the pool in his complex today. I had the bag
with his floaties, sunscreen, a towel, juice box, toys,
etc. His name is Brandyn (I wouldn't have named him
that...what's with the Y?). He's 4.

I was sitting in a chaise and glancing at my book for
seconds at a time while paying attention to him in the
pool. This apartment complex where Brandyn and his parents
live is mostly populated by college students. I do happen
to be that age as well. Well, 2 VERY good looking guys
came to the pool to lay out and get some sun. I love my
very dark State Trooper-like sunglasses (but way cooler
than trooper glasses) because I can stare at people
without them knowing. So, I was checking these 2 guys out.
Of course.

As they came in, I could see them looking around the pool
to see who was there. Checking out the scene you could
say. They looked at me, and I kinda got the "eh, she's
alright I suppose" nod when I looked at Brandyn and he was
swimming out of my line of vision. I stood up immediately
and called his name and told him to stay where I could see
him. Brandyn said ok, and started to swim back to the end
where I was.

I sat back down, and looked over at the 2 guys again, and
they had seen this whole interaction. And I could just
tell by the look on their faces, and how they looked at
each other what they were thinking. "Nope. She's got a
kid. Used goods. Nobody good here."

So, I am now writing about single mothers. I have much
respect for them. Now, granted, there are good moms and
bad moms, but I think that any mother who kept her child
(ren) deserves some kudos. Not to go into an abortion
debate, because I will not do that with anybody. My
opinions are mine, and everybody else is free to feel
however they would like, but even though I am pro-choice,
taking on the responsibility for another life is a huge
undertaking. And there isn't alot of respect for women (or
men for that matter. Brandyn's dad rasied him by himself
since Brandyn was 10 months old. He has restored my faith
in the male gender.) who really do deserve it.

So, that's my rant for today. Thank you to moms. You
deserve more respect.