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2002-08-18 23:35:52 (UTC)

Another quick update.

So I've been finally catching up on my New Years resolution
list of goals. (yes I still have it and I still aim on
reaching the goals.) I haven't done much on the
Spirituality part so I'm taking to Wicca study again. I'm
at a stump again with Circle Casting. There's just so much
to it. It's hard to comprehend for me. I was to consult
Karoline, since she's done spells before, but she was in
wisconsin for a week. Just came back today and leaving for
college in a week. Yikes!!! My time to ask her is running

Other then that... I got bored of doing research in vain so
I started on a different project. Still related. Knitting.
I'm knitting the permanent cover for my book of shadows
binder. It looks cool so far. It's a big pentagon in a
circle. It's gonna be very colorful. I'll show it to you
Teresa, when you come.

Today though this happened: Woke up. 1 p.m. Got my period.
It hurt bad. I'm never sleeping on my back again, in such a
situation. Took a pill and now I'm better. :0)

Well this is really pointless since Teresa is not reading
it, so I'm actually gonna make it short. Toodles!!!


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