My piece of reality
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2002-08-18 23:05:31 (UTC)

Back in the swing of things

Well i made it thru my first week of senior year. the
classes still aren't the best, we're watching a pretty
pointless movie in world history, but it'll be alright.
Nothing incredibly exciting happened. There was a bit of
drama for a couple days when one of my friends told me
something that she had heard from her friend who had heard
it from someone else. high school bullshit at its finest.
its sad when you have nothing better to do than mess with
other peoples lives and relationships and such.
I guess the excitement of my week would have been going out
to the races with dave for the first time. there were so
many people there it was crazy. a lot of people i wouldnt
expect to be there as well. jodi was surprised to see me.
she was like you dont come to bad things like this. it was
amusing. thats all i did tho. i was gonna go out last night
but didnt, and i sat on the couch for 6 hours watching
lifetime movies with my mom. how lazy am i??
well anuneventful week calls for an uneventful entry.
things are good tho. nothing to complain about. God bless