starry nite

my own world
2002-08-18 22:48:17 (UTC)

my car is dying

dude, so im driving home today and i hear this terrible
scraping noise. like i just ran over a huge piece of metal
or something. so i get out and what is it? the muffler. the
fucking muffler fell half way off. so i decided i would
walk to rest of the way home(it was ony a couple miles and
i had the skateboard in the car so i could have rode a lot
of the way) but then this guy stopped to help me. he tied
it up so at least it was dragging less and the sound wasnt
as bad. now i have to pay to get it fixed, last week it was
the alternator, this week the muffler. plus the power
windows and locks are working right. damn it. my poor car
is dying. i love that car so much. it looks so nice, and i
havent had any problems with it before, just little stuff
never anything big. now all this stuff is going wrong
within a few weeks i dont understand. all the guys (im one
of the only girls around here with a fast car so thats why
i only point out the guys) around here with fast cars beat
their cars and they are fine. i treat my car great and
look what it does to me. its not fair. people who treat
their cars badly should have bad things happen to them.
people, like me, that are good to their cas shouldn't have
all these problems. damn it. damn it. damn it.