The SINS that I commit..
2002-08-18 22:24:32 (UTC)

Introduction of "You think you life sucked..."

okay, so everyone always knows that there is someone who is
always far worse off then you are. Well this is true.
Comparing my life with a lot of other people have made me
wonder, what the hell? and why me? I'm tired of holding in
my feelings so other people don't suffer from my words, I'm
tired of holding back my opinion and I'm VERY tired of
people walking all over me because I'm so "NICE", WELL I'm
tired of being miss fucking marsha brady. In this diary,
you will hear my opinions on certain
people,situations,news,and what kinda of fucked up crap
goes on in my life. I've always wanted to write a book.. I
guess this will be as far as I will get, lets face it.. who
really wants to know my psychopathic opinions? Well..
OBVIOUSLY you do, so read and Enjoy!