My Confessions
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2002-08-18 19:35:25 (UTC)

What Christian thinks!

Dear Diary,

Well right when I woke up I went over to Jay's house. His
parents were out so we went up to his room and I was dying
to hear how his convo with Christian went. So apparently
he talked to him on line--and Jay printed out the convo for
Jay: So what's up with you and Julie?
Christian: She's fucking hot man!
Jay: Yeah, I know, but I mean what's going on between you
Chris: I felt her up the other day
Jay: That's not what i meant. I mean are you guys going out?
Chris: What's it to you? Do you wanna get with her or
Jay: I was just asking dude.
Chris: Yeah, sure, i saw the look you had on your face when
she was straddling you and you guys were kissing last
night. You enjoyed it a little too much!
(((((((YaaaaaaaY Christian is jealous)))))))))))))
Jay: That was truth or dare! You're the one she likes.
Chris: Oh, did she tell you that?
Jay: So are you going out with her?
Chris: If I say no are you gonna try to get with her?
Jay: what do you think?
Chris: Okay, no we aren't going out. Do you think she'll
suck my dick if we aren't bf/gf?
Jay: I don't think so, but collete would---haha
Chris: yeah, i know collete would, but would Juliet?
Jay: Doubt it.
Chris: Oh, so should I go out with her?
Jay: Just to get your dick sucked? NO
Chris: well not just that
Jay: I dunno then, its your call
Chris: She is really hot, I wouldn't mind her as my gf
Jay said that's the end of the convo, I don't know if I
believe him but I'm not gonna ask him that just cuz I don't
want him to think that I don't trust him, which I do. So,
now i'm going out to lunch with Samantha (i will bring the
convo with me to see what she thinks) so I have to get off