I Stand Alone
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2002-08-18 18:47:07 (UTC)

My Best Friend

Ok, for those of you who do not know, I just moved out to
south tampa with my dad from my valrico with my physco mom.
My Best Friend in the whole world is my girl Lisha. I just
found out yesterday that she was moving to Kansas with her
new boyfriend in about six months. I am so devistated that
I dont know what to do! I know that I moved away from her
and all my other friends first, but Im still within
visiting distance. Im going to miss her so much! She says
the only way that she might not move is if Robert (her ex-
boyfriend shes still in love with) tells her that he still
wants a relationship with her. I want to tell her how I
feel, but shes my girl and I love her so whatever makes her
happy makes me happy! I just think shes moving so fast
talking about marrage and moving. should I tell her how I
feel or should I keep my mouth shut and let her be happy?