Wally's Wackin' Shack
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2002-08-18 16:39:45 (UTC)

I've been gone, I'm back, but I still feel like shit

Let's recap what's happend since Friday.............Friday,
the majority of the day I was on and off line and cleanin'
up my shit, I'm all packed up now just need to get some
laundry out of the way, and then I'm good to go. I went
out to dinner Friday night with Dr. Dave. He is such a
sweetie. I've been feeling a little vulnerable lately, and
I just needed someone, but he didn't take advantage of
that, I love that about him, he's not too horny to just
sleep with me just because he can. When he is horny
though.....MMMMMMMMMMMM.........enough said :P. So we just
went out to Sakura, a nice Japaneese place, and we talked,
and he told me that whenever I need anything, he'd be there
for me. I didn't know what to I'm really sad,
I'm leaving someone behind. I isolated myself from
everyone so I wouldn't start thinking about shit like
this. Oh well...cie la vie. Saturday my mom had a picnic
for me at a lake by my old house. I love Dolphin Beach.
It was nice to have my whole family there, a few friends I
haven't seen in ages, and Brad came back up to wish me good
look. He's at school now, I was a little shocked to see
him, of all people he was the last one I expected to show
up. Anywho....I was SOOOOOOOOOO wiped out at the
beach....I was there from noon til about 9. I came home
took a shower and got ready to out to a friend's party. I
WAS SOOOOOOOOO WASTED. I was still a little toasted when I
woke up his morning. I threw up soooo many times, I didn't
think there was anything left to throw up after the last
time. I'm so hung over right now. Dave came over cuz I
called him and told him I didn't feel good. He brought me
breakfast....and now I'm like :'(.....why is he back now
that I'm leaving. I think I'll keep in touch with him, but
I doubt he'll be available much longer. I've gotten so
much goin' away money for college. I think I'm gonna go
shopping tomorrow. I should save some of it, but I can
always use a new outfit. I'll keep ya posted and let you
know what it is I get. THANX FOR READIN' ALL THE WAY DOWN