Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-07-14 01:06:17 (UTC)

O umm DEAR .. hahaha

Okay so where did I last end everything ?????? Ummm ....
Hahaha I forgot hehe. Ummm .... Well lets start with
Yesterday. I went to ........ O NOW I REMEMBER HAHAHA!!!!
Okay I went to see 'Kiss of the Dragon' yesterday with my
sister and her boyfriend and my brother and his girlfriend
and my brothers friend. They all suck but they dragged me
along. They weren't goin to let me stay home. I was sittin
on a chair reading a book peacefully and then my brothers
stupid friend comes in, grabs the book away from me and
says lets go. That is it and I said that I didnt want to
cus I didnt kno where they were going and then my brother
comes in picks me up and throws me in the car. So there I
was in the car going somewhere that I have no clue about
cus they won't tell me. LOSERS! Okay well yea. Then I got
home and I ended up on the phone with Chris. Yeap and the
day ended and now look here we are at today. JULY 13, 2001
..... O DEAR!!!! IT IS FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOOHOO!!! My favorite favorite favorite day. OOOOO I love
this day. WOW!!! I am sooo excited now. I was supposed to
have a party today but that was cancelled. :o( Bummer! But
I will make up later. I will. I have to. Hehe. Okay well
today I went to pick up Daria and Chris as usual. Enjoyed
that. Brought back KIM with us. We went to Chris and
Daria's house for a while then Daria, Kim, and I came back
to my house. We hung out and stuff ... talked about things
and all that fun stuff. Then I went and walked Kim home and
then walked Daria home. Came home and I GOT A PHONE CALL. I
felt so special ... but it was my sister soo ... that
doesnt count. She wanted to kno if I wanted to go with them
tonight. They are supposed to be goin to some haunted
places. In a way I dont want to cus then I would have to be
stuck in the car with all them. And they all suck! I would
ask Chris if he would want to go but I believe JIPPY is
stayin over his house today ... or vice-a-versa. Anywho ...
I kno his evening is planned. I would ask them both but I
dont want to ruin whatever plans they had. :oX ... hahaha
no I am kidding. Well that is pretty much it for now. O hey
............ I GET TO GO CAMPING ........ I LOVE THE
OUTDOORS............. okay well yea ....... hahahaha ......
that was really stupid ........ but that is just me ......
so yea .......... whatever ......... ugh! there I go
feeling DITZY again ........ well ......... ummm ........
hahaha ............. okay

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