Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-08-18 15:49:41 (UTC)


Hmm, well this thing about the two girls going missing is
really annoying me now. Not EVERYONE in the whole of
England cares, but they seem to think we do.
I couldn't care less. Two, stupi, worthless bitches gone
missing. So what?? People go missing from around here all
the time, but it's never in the news.

It's just 2 girls. If it was a coach or a bus which was
hijacked, with plenty more innocent people in, it'd be on
the evening news then forgotten. Then a report when they're
found, saying they're dead.

Hell, im sure if I went missing, the only people who'd
notice would be my family.

Blah. So, nothing new has happened. 5 days to go!