Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-08-18 15:17:46 (UTC)

At the Festival

Last night I went to the festival of the Little Hills on
Main Street. I dont even know why i went with the people I
went with. I'm trying to stop doing wrong things, but i
went with 2 people who smoked cigarettes and one who smokes
cigars..and so like I smoked one with them and then i went
to Brandon's house and I smoked one of his, too. I really
need to stop but my friends dont care enough about me not
to smoke around me. But, it's all right. I'll make it and I
dont' do it nearly as often as I used to. I have to take
Brandon to church with me today. He's grounded and that's
all he's allowed to do. So, last night I kinda went over
there when I wasn't supposed to. So, yeah...but
lil miss Tiffeny, I wish she'd talk to me. She went on and
on about how she hated Adam smoking weed and crap and now
she's doing it with him. I think she's a hyppocrite.
Because one of her friends got hit by a car when he was
stoned and that's why she hates it so much.But now she's
doing it, too. I still don't think that Adam ever stopped
doing it even though he said and she thinks that he did.
But that's just my opinion. So, I'll just keep my pretty
lil mouth shut. Anyway, I guess I better go now. I'm
wearing a skirt and I hate wearing them so I might go
change before I go get Brandon. Bye bye.