My so called life...
2002-08-18 14:07:23 (UTC)

Thank you God!!!!!!!!

I just got home and I feel like the luckiest and also the
worst person on the face of this planet. I just got pulled
over for a DUI. I hung out in LA and probably had too much
to drink. As I was driving home, I got pulled over for
speeding. The office asked me to exit the automobile and
walk over to his cruiser. As I was trying to think of some
excuse, he stared at me and said, " I can't stand
that!!!!!!" I simply said, "excuse me?" with a puzzled
look on my face. I turned around and realized he was
commenting on my friend who was fully extended out side my
car, throwing up. I began to panic. He asked me
again, "how much have you had to drink tonight?" I
answered, "only a few beers." He asked how long ago and I
answered as honestly as possible, "10:30" knowing I had
only a few hours ago had a shot of Johnny Walker. As he
walked to his cruiser, I knew I was FUCKED!!!! He grabbed
his DUI kit and began to administer a sobriety test. I
followed the end of his pen with as much concentration as
possible. I felt fairly confident I had passed until he
pulled this black box from his bag, "A breath-a-lizer?" I
was fucked. As I blew I knew my own fate. Visions of my
parents bailing me out of jail, flashed before me. I feel
strange now, sitting in front of my computer, thinking
that I could be behind bars. The little black machine
bleeped as made its mark, "1.20" 0.40 over the limit. The
office stated that I would be placed under arrest and sent
to jail. I pleaded that the test be administered again. As
I blew, I hoped by some miracle of God would filter my
breath to some decent level that would allow me to survive
this evening. The little black machine bleeped and the
verdict was rung. "1.0" read the machine, still 0.20 over
the legal limit. Right then when I thought all hope was
lost, I was asked the most profound question of my life, "
where do you live." I answered truthfully, " three blocks
that way." Before the office began his blessed luliby, I
knew that God had granted me with one forgiveness. I
officer stated that he never let people go for DUI and
stated that I would be given this chance if I went home
and never drove drunk again. This is my promise, this is
my creed, "I will never, ever drink and drive again,
period." Have I learned my leason, "YES!!!!!." That
Highway Patrol Officer has NO idea that I will never
forget what he has given me, a second chance. THANK YOU
for more than you will ever know. Good Night and Love for

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