Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-08-18 12:32:43 (UTC)

Life of a Loser

Lol. Okay, so I got up at 730 this morning... whats wrong
with me?! I was up at 8 yesterday... I dont deal well with
getting in trouble. :-P

Like, this one lady has a diary, adn she was saying how
alot of people on her are narcisists, and abbreviated it
narc. Lmao.

Well, I thought it was amusing.

Then another person writes this diary about how much fun it
is to make of people, and they made a list, and out of
about 10 of them, i was 8 of em. Lol. No, Im not going to
go into it, but I realize that it is very easy to make fun
of me. Lol. And everyone takes advantage of this fact,
trust me.

Another thing, like, people want people to see their
diaries, and stuff, but i dont write in this one much cuz
too many people know about it, or should I say, too much
family knows about it. Yeah, long story, but if you were
there, you know what Im tlaking about.

I think I have a fear of responsibility. Its weird.

Anways, I gotst to go to church in a lil while. :-P

GAH. You know whats really bugging me? Besides myself,
lol. Im having this massive trust issue with this one
person, and I know I can trust them, its just like, I cant,
because I dont want to get hurt again. They already know
too much about me. I dotn let people in, because when I
do, I get hurt. Ive only let a few people in, and Ive
ended up hurting them. I dont want anyone to know more
about me then they have to. But they get mad at me when i
dont let them in, and in truth Im scared... I dont think
its so much that I dont trust them, I just dont trust
everyone else...


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