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2001-07-13 23:12:38 (UTC)

No one plays by the rules.....

so as every children learns there is one golden rule....

why is it that no one follows that anymore.....

some people can be so frustrating..... i treat Red so well
and i am always nice to her.... but she treats me like shit
half of the time..... then has the audacity to call me
mean..... fuck it..... she really isn't worth this much
grief..... i may be stubborn about some things, but this
really is ridiculous..... *washes his proverbial hands*

on a more amusing note..... i get to take out this
frustration on Meghann..... and do i feel bad about it?
no.... cause that is what she wants..... isn't that odd? i
rather enjoy picking fights with her and she seems more
comfortable with it.... *chuckles* oh the viciousness we

Every day is another toss of the dice.

~~Fortis Exaequo Vita~~

"Seven over five on the fourth. Four toss bets win, the
player losses."

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