Diary of Thoughts, Hopes, and Dreams
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2001-07-13 23:01:58 (UTC)

I feel so great

Dear Diary,
Today, I was talking to Alexi, and she sent me an e-
mail with a link to her web page attatched. When I read it
I was very happy to find all of the poems had been erased
from her page, but new things had been added that sounded
much more like the Alexi that I know and love! And, to top
it all off, my name was on her homepage, and I was listed
as her best bud, and that she loved me lots! I'm really
glad that she and I have such a good friendship. I will
miss her not being at school, but our friendship will never
Today, I also went birthday shopping with my
grandmother, even though my birthday isnt for 3 weeks or
something. I got 3 true colors eyeshadows, one big tub of
true colors eye and body glitter, and this really cool
thing for my hair that makes all the wierd parts. its
soooooo cool.
Most people's Friday the 13th's arent so hot...or so
people think that they wont be. The day isnt over
yet...still got a few hours left, but so far, mine has been
a blast!!!!!!
More later Diary,