Confessions from a Sexy Princess
2001-07-13 22:42:46 (UTC)

The Beginning

7/13/01- This the first entry in this online diary thing.
I was getting writers cramp using the leather bound one I
spent $40 on and wrote in twice. Today is Friday the 13th
and also one month since I moved out of Greg's house. What
do you call it when you are still dating your ex-fiancee
who cheated on you?? What do you call it when this is the
98th chance you have given him to prove himself. I went to
his house the other night to tell him this is the end and I
never want to talk to him again. He sat there stunned and
simply said "I dont know what I am going to do without
you." I broke down in tears because I felt the same way.
He has cheated on me and made me cry so much but I still
love him more than words can describe and cant imagine my
life without him. Since I moved out of his house I have
tried to date other guys but it hasnt worked. Maybe
because I compare them all to Greg? Is it because I felt
comfortable with Greg? Is it I am afraid of change? I
know he is not good for me. My family and friends dislike
him because of the way he has treated me over the past 2.5
years. Then why is it I keep running back to him.