pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
2002-08-18 06:21:18 (UTC)

its a doggy dog world...whatever that means

so wonderful i felt
happy to have someone to turn to
you have your "people" you title friends
but this one is someone you know you can go to
to get comfort, a hug, to be alone, and yet
not to be alone. you want to feel good, give
them a call. but you know the story...
it goes with anything. a little girl and her
new puppy, then they move to a place that is
"no place for a dog." so the little girl loses
her only friend. the puppy she took for granted
thinking that now, she wil never realy be alone.
she could come home from school, feeling sad that
no other little boys or girls will play with her.
but she would come home to a friend. always happy
to see her, jumping with joy. never cutting her off
when she's trying to say something..which her parents
seemed pretty fond of doing. but her little puppy,
knowing she could trust with all her life.
keeping her warm, licking off her tears when she cried.
although silent and nothing like those other kids.
no this dog she had to leave behind was something she could
never go back to...