The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-08-18 06:17:33 (UTC)

I changed my name

Of my diary that is. Its like hot and Im wearing cords.
They are my favorite pair. They are all ripped in the
right leg but its cool. They are great. Im crazy. I think
I've finally killed some demons. Dont know if i should
talk about how but hey. No I didnt do anything illegal. I
guess I just faced up to reality. Ive been enjoying life
lately. Its a nice feeling. I like it. I really enjoyed
warped tour it was fun. I found out about a lot of cool
bands. Well actually I knew about some of them and just
picked up their cds. Sloppy Meateaters, Deltaforce 23,
Nicotine. It was just all around fun. I went to bed at 6am
and woke up at 9. Went to work at 10:30. Then I worked
til1 3. I went down to gamecraze and hung out with jake
and greg. It was fun. I went to Mcdonalds and Jake went
and picked up his laundry. When I was walking back Jake
walks out of the laundry place. And he just looks at me
and hugs me and I hug him back. Then hes like everyone in
there is gonna think your gay now. And Im like there gonna
think your gay too. Hes like oh yeah well maybe we turned
some hot chicks on. I just laughed and we walked back to
the store and complained about how far our places of
employment were from where we were. About a measly 100
feet or so. Lol. It was fun. But alas I had to return to
Ponderosa at 4. Then I worked and my ass off on broiler
and got bitched at. Oh well. Mark had to take me home
cause I couldnt get a hold of my goddamn family. They were
on the phone oh well. Will suprised me and picked me up.
We are now hanging out. Its cool. Well Im gonna bolt
now. No sleep makes me sleepy. Lol.