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2002-08-18 05:57:32 (UTC)

never leave a job half done

so the other day my mom talked to me and hilly....asked us
to move to the farm with her since granny and papa aren't
later that day, my dad asked me what all that was about, i
said that she wanted us to move to the farm.
(this has been an on going battle for the longest time)
and he said something like, "well if she does much more of
that, it might be *he makes a funny inhaling/whoosh/vwoop
sound* divorce time again"
i froze, said "but she'd get us, you know that."
he said "yes, it's a women's world"
i replied "but she can't keep a job...."
he quite simply added, "good, then i would end up with you
if she couldn't"

from then on i was s i l e n t

kill me

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