Nick's Journal
2002-08-18 05:45:59 (UTC)


Now i've seen a lot of movies lately, mainly because
there's shit else to do around here, and also partly
because i've wanted to see them. so far i've seen, men in
black 2, signs, xxx, austin powers 3. now here are some
thing sabout the movies.
the people. it seems that when they're not breeding at
the mall or wal-mart, the scum of the earth kinda migrates
to the theaters. now it's freezing fucking cold in there
so apparently these people don't like the heat. when i
saw men in black 2 i thought some of the people had
dressed up as aliens to pay homage, when i realized they
were just that way. now there are also the teen-sluts.
now for soem reason they hang around with their yo-boy
boyfriends at the theaters. now these people are very
odd. the girls is usually around 14-15 yrs. old, and the
guy is 18 or what not, souped up car, and those dumb-ass
glasses where you can see your reflection (oakleys i
believe). now, a.) every time i've been at the movies
it's been pitch-fucking-dark. and b.) you dumb hot-rod
monkeys should take off your stupid ass glasses and hats
when you get in the building.
now the girls as i said are 14-15 yrs. old, extremely
naive and whored out. dressed in skanky clothes, high
heels, and way too much make up they prance around the
theaters propping themselves up on the pathetic genitalia
of their neurotic male counter-parts whenever they're pushed
over by some fashionable fuck who brings them off of their
fabricated pedestal.
now here's something to think about. when it's dark, IT'S
REALLY FUCKING HARD TO SEE! so move the fuck out of the
way, when i want to get to my seat, trust me i want to
touch you ten times less than you want to touch me, so get
the fuck out of the way. next, shut the fuck up. there
are two times when it's acceptable to talk. right before
you leave your rice-rocket and right after you enter your
rice-rocket any time between that is not "talk
about my non-existent yuppie problems time". furthermore,
you're not funny. trust me. so shut the hell up. don't
try to impress your girl with something funny. if it's so
god damn fucking funny, take your dumb ass outside tell
your 50 lb overweight bitch the joke, have her bray like a
donkey outside, and then if you must.......come back in
and shut the fuck up.
next. if you smell. you should be shot. do not come to
the movies smelling as if you rubbed a bean burrito under
each armpit and then followed that by rubbing the shit you
took after you ate the bean burrito all over yourself. i
do not need complete sensurround, digital audio works just
fine. i know vin diesel is incapable of showering by
himself unless someone turns on the water FOR him, but i
do not need to smell it.
that's another thing. bad actors. vin diesel. jesus
lord, that guy is fucking stupid.
speaking of stupid people. if you have a grudge about a
university that you didnt' get into and you make a bumper
sticker denouncing that university you are a pathetic
loser. get over it. don't cruise aroudn thinking
you "got those bastards back", cos fact is, you're just
proving even more how right they were.
that's it.