pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
2002-08-18 05:37:23 (UTC)

just a thought

its amazing how so many things come and go
almost as if they please.
some people handle a tough situation by stating:
it was destined to happen or
i guess it was just ment to be,
even in a good situation.
things happen for a reason
some times this reason is never known
other times the reason is there just not wanted to be seen
the reason can be harmfull
and not said, aknowledged,
but never realized for its true reason
"have you ever stared at your self in the mirror, long
enough so that your face doesn't look like a face anymore,
just shapes. not good or bad..."
this might be when you realize that some things in this
world are very weird. the way things work, could be done in
a better way. you can notice that looks aren't everything,
as long as you can see past them. sone people dwell on
these kind of things for life.
others for only a day, some a minute or maybe even a second.
point is, does anyone really know why they exist?
sure, it could be to serve your God, to worship them at all
times of the day. or to just live your life, not caring why
you're really here..hey, you're given a life, why not use
it any way you want? right?
but i'm not asking what you live for, i'm asking why are
you here? where did you come from? ARE you here to do what
you please? or are we supposed to spend the rest of our
lives wondering, trying to figure out how to live life?
wondering how we got here in the first place...