Meshed Up
2002-08-18 04:44:56 (UTC)

spectrum tales

i'm supposed to do work but it doesn't matter. so many
conflicts in one day. stories of lavender, stories of gray,
stories of black, stories of pink, stories of dark brown
for blah.

after being ignored a few times, lavender frowned and
realized that pink was synthetic.

gray said, 'dark brown doesn't go well with pink.'

green noted that dark brown doesn't go well with pink.

black is frustrated because gray is trying to be white and
not dirt-smudged like gray already is.

lavender is experiencing problems with purple
concerning 'extravagance'. purple thinks lavender is
shading outside the lines.

an unknown color asked, 'can you color black and gray

to which violet's relative said, 'no you can't!'

blue chuckled. 'get black to sleep.'

red got a new shirt for dancing nights and couldn't care

lavender muttered, 'what's he trying to prove?'

gray has more black than gray and was told by pink that
pink is the new black.

gray's relative, silver, looked at the candle and
exclaimed, 'purple again?'

gray replied, 'i like lavender!'

gold asked if lavender liked gray. lavender said, 'it's
very comfy.'

in a white-filled hall, the colors mixed and laughed and
shouted. but nobody left their mark on the walls.