Order In Chaos

Order In Chaos
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2002-08-18 03:51:57 (UTC)

it's not degrading if you need the money

i'm losing motivation
i'm losing faith in myself
i feel like life is whipping my ass
bf doesn't call anymore
just to hear my voice
first thing in the morning
he doesn't try anymore
just for referrence
getting up in the morning is a bitch
nothing to look forward to
just me
i'm losing everything
everyone wants a piece of me
sexually speaking
and i don't want any of it
i just want to be held
but men are so horny
i saw an add in my area
looking for topless dancers
$1200/5 days a week
i'd take my top off for $1200
i don't know about the naked dancing
but i can dance
it's not degrading
if you need the money
funny how our attitudes change
to shape our circumstances
i don't even know if i spelled that right

it's so lonely
makes me wanna bang my head against the wall

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