Alisha's Journal
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2002-08-18 03:31:38 (UTC)

Title or Topic

I'm not in the mood to make my own topic, today, i didn't
think the day would end. I was so stressed, it felt like i
had done SO much for like, months, but is was one, ONE
freaking day. It started off good, well, okay, i had to get
up at seven thirty in the morning to go get my hair done at
eight thirty. I went to get my hair done, and since i had
washed my roots stayed wet throughout the whole
process of highlighting, which made it hard for my hair to
come through these tiny hole things it needed to come
through. Needless tos ay...i was in MAJOR pain. Me and my
friend, Sarah had decided the night before that we were
going to go to JcPennys and buy some school clothes, after
i got home from getting my hair done. Well...First, my
family decided to stop and get hotdogs, then i went home
and called Sarah, her phone was busy, so i called Nick, his
phone was busy, and guess what!? They were talking to each
other, which i don't mind, this point in my day.
EXCEPT for the fact that i needed to get a hold of Sarah
before my family left, to go garage saling...well, the
phone stayed busy for over ten minutes...and i had to go
garage saling. Which was not a plus in my day. My head
hurt, I couldn't get a hold of my friend, my hair looked
dumb, AND i had to go garage saling. So...We went garage
saling, hot weather, no a/c...the whole nine yards. I was
hot and cranky by this point...did i fail to mention pms
has a major factor of this all too? Well it does. Anyways,
i got home from the garage sales, in time to be able to go
to JcPennys with Sarah.(which i had told another friend off
so i could go with her) I called sarah, got through...come
to find out, she's going with the friend, to the place that
i had called off for her. Did this tick me off? Oh
most certainly did. SO...i called the other friend...and
ended up going with them. I was basically ignored the whole
time, i was pissed. So, her dad brought me home in time for
work, i went to work....It de-stressed me for a few
hours...which is REALLY akward. It's usually the other way
around. My sister picked me up from work, and i had to go
to her house until my mom picked me up and my mom didn't
pick me up til around ten-thirty. I come home, in my normal
mood now, and i have six messages left on my answering
maching. Two of them are nick, four Sarah. So...I called
sarah, because nick's not allowed on the phone this late.
Turns out she had a blast with Casey, she went to see a
movie that me and her had planned to go see, i believe it
was tomorrow...but nevermind, she has already seen it. AND,
she had to brag about her and Nick talking the wholet ime,
because she knows she is prettier than me, she knows that
Nick likes her, and she KNOWS that i like, she
buts in. Lets just say...i'm mad at the BOTH of them right
now with a perfect good right...because tomorrow, i was
supposed to go with nick, as our "dating" debut...but i
GUESS not....because im not good enough, i guess, because
he asked Her to go out with him! URG. She said no, which
saves her in the little delema. I can't stand my life....i
never get a break from anything. As soon as i think im
comfortable, happily comfortable, the NEXT FREAKING day...i
hate my life or something that has to do with a big part of
it. I'm going to start to never be happily comfortable with
anything, its safer. I'm going to bed, getting this day