My Life.............
2002-08-18 03:22:09 (UTC)

I just read some of my old..

I just read some of my old entries, wow, have i changed
alot.LOL i dont drool over Jeff like i used to, and im
really surprised about that, when he talks to me i dont
feel anything for him....
Also, it will be a year in septemer that i started losing
weight, wow, ive come so far, im so proud of me...*big grin*
I was with Holly, Bill and Bobby lastnight, i might have
said this in and entry lastnight i cant remember.LOL we
played pool, we actually got along, except when i told Bill
to stop picking on Bobby, i hate it when they pick on him,
the poor guy, he doesnt deserve that from people who are
supposed to be his friends, its just not right.....
oh, and ive decided to let Bill go, ive seen how he is, he
was so good to my sister in the begining, i was so jealous
of the love they showed for one another, i wanted that,
but, something changed Bill, i dont know what it was, but,
i know she deserves better, and so do i, he played both of
us, he was so proud of himself, and that pisses me off!!!!
I know one day he will get his....... anyway, i have more
important things to worry about....:)