Livie's Mind
2001-07-13 21:18:01 (UTC)

Cyber Sex

Dear Diary,

I am having cyber sex rite now. I am going to put
it in here for you to read...
DrAgOnXALEX: well we start making out and i begin to
massage ur breast Pheonix9876: and i massage your dick
DrAgOnXALEX: hmm yea babyi take ur top off and kiss ur
Pheonix9876: and i rip your shorts/pants off and lick
your dick
DrAgOnXALEX: i take ur bottom off and massage ur wret
Pheonix9876: i start giving you the best blow job youll
ever have
DrAgOnXALEX: hmm suck it hard
Pheonix9876: i lick everything down there...dick, hair,
DrAgOnXALEX: hmm yes i put u on ur back and start
eating u out
Pheonix9876: yummy
DrAgOnXALEX: i draw the ABC's with my tongue
DrAgOnXALEX: i lick ur pussy up and down
Pheonix9876: mmm...
Pheonix9876: i get on top of you and start fucking you
soooo hard
DrAgOnXALEX: yea baby
Pheonix9876: i pull you out and i turn around and you
anal fuck me
DrAgOnXALEX: i grab ur tits as we fuck harder and
Pheonix9876: i like
DrAgOnXALEX: i ramu harder onw
Pheonix9876: aaaahhhhh.....keep going
Pheonix9876: []
DrAgOnXALEX: i'm fucking u harder and harder grabing ur
tits and massaging them
Pheonix9876: i am loving this
Pheonix9876: go on
DrAgOnXALEX: baby i turn u over and fucku by ur pussy
Pheonix9876: meooow...
Pheonix9876: i pull you out and start licking the cum
that is oozing out of your dick
DrAgOnXALEX: hmm yea
DrAgOnXALEX: i start to cum all over ur face
Pheonix9876: i keep licking you and start licking your
whole body...
DrAgOnXALEX: hmm yes i start fingering u hard
Pheonix9876: i stop and i go into the kitchen to get
some whipped cream and chocolate syrup
DrAgOnXALEX: ok yes
Pheonix9876: i pour it all over you and i lick it all
Pheonix9876: and as im doing this your cum gets mixed
in with it and it tastes soooooo good
DrAgOnXALEX: hmm yes i put the wip cream on ur pussy
and lick it opff
DrAgOnXALEX: u taste so good
Pheonix9876: don't i though?
Pheonix9876: keep going
Pheonix9876: do you have a pic?
DrAgOnXALEX: i put whip cream on ur breast and suck ur
nipples till they get hard. no i don't
Pheonix9876: me neither
Pheonix9876: turn me ON!!
DrAgOnXALEX: i wish this was real
Pheonix9876: oh so dont i...
DrAgOnXALEX: i want to taste ur wet pussy
Pheonix9876: i want to lick your wet cum-covered
Pheonix9876: damn
Pheonix9876: im sorry...i have to go now...
DrAgOnXALEX: ok baby bye
Pheonix9876: ...supper...
DrAgOnXALEX: mauh
Pheonix9876: ill c you tomorrow mabe
DrAgOnXALEX: ok sexy
Pheonix9876: as i leave i go to kiss you but
think...skrew the lips...and go down to suck your dick one
last time...then i leave
DrAgOnXALEX: luv u
DrAgOnXALEX: bye
Pheonix9876: bye