Me and X
2002-08-18 03:16:43 (UTC)

dollar fifty eight

im fucking broke. ive had a dollar fifty eight in my bank
account since thursday. i havent been able to get enough
money to buy a calling card to call him.
i am lonely and depressed. i am so broke that i even tried
returning shit at marshalls on my lunch break on friday so
i could buy a calling card to call him.. but i lost the
reciept and couldnt get cash back. and then friday night i
returned a pair of pants on my debit card.. but the 30
bucks is still not available in my bank account and i still
cant get a calling card to call him.

i hate it because i wonder if hes mad at me. i have been
sitting here thinknig about him and missing him so much.
and also scared that hes mad at me. that he wont
understand.. im going to ask my co-worker tara if i can
borough 10 bucks tomorrow if that return still hasnt gone
through. i really need the cash. and i really need to talk
to him.