My Confessions
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2002-08-18 03:10:32 (UTC)

Girls kissing Girls

Dear Diary,

Well last night was....ummm interesting. We played truth
or dare, I know I know so fourth grade, but considering the
risks were WAY more extreme, it was a total blast. I can't
remember who's idea it was to play, but a lot of shit went
down. Alyssa and Ben were a little boring since they
didn't want to do stuff with anyone except eachother, so
Christian dared Alyssa to make out with Samantha...and she
did it! So there I was smushed b/t Christian and Jay in
the hot tub while my two best friends make out together.
Is it just me or does it seem like girls are way more eager
to kiss girls JUST FOR ATTENTION. I mean I would have
rather taken off my bikini than make out with Sam or Alyssa
or any of my girl friends for that matter. But you should
have seen the reaction they both got from their lip
locking. Christian and Ben were both cheering the whole
time. I glanced at Jay for reassurance that I'm not the
only one who thinks this is totaly bizarre and we kinda
share this look like "what are they doing?" I mean, Ben
wasn't even jealous or anything! Maybe it's just me, I am
not a lesbian, I don't have anything against lesbians or
anything, but since I'm not one I wouldn't get a thrill out
of making out with another girl and I don't see why both
Alyssa and Sam (who are not that I know of lesbians) would
enjoy doing it so much just to turn on the guys. And guys
why are lesbians a turn on? I mean the girl likes girls so
why would you ever think you had a chance with her???! Oh
well. After that it was my turn and Alyssa was like "YOUR
turn to make out with Sam!" I'm like "HELL NO!" And
Christian gives me this look like, "what's your problem."
I don't know why, but that made me not like him as much as
I used to. He was so anal about me not digging the idea of
kissing another girl that he seemed disgusted by me. WHY?!
So I give ALyssa this look like, "don't make me kiss
Christian I am mad at him" So she takes my look to the
extreme and says that I have to do a lap dance and make out
with Jay. I mean Jay is really hot so it wasn't that hard
to enjoy myself in the process and get into it, but I mean
ITS JAY! He's my best guy friend. I was really glad that
she didn't make me do it with Christian just b/c he was
being an ass that didn't give a shit about my feelings, and
having him watch me straddle Jay and (as Sam so eloquently
put it) "ride him" while we kissed made Christian really
REALLY jealous. It was great! I mean after I was all over
Jay you should have seen Christian. He pulled me onto his
lap in the hot tub, put his arms around me and held me
tight and said that we had done enough "truth or dare". IT
WAS GREAT! I will write more later tonight but I gotta eat
dinner...i still have to tell u what happened today!