nobody cares
2002-08-18 01:42:43 (UTC)

tyered and hotttttttttttttttt

well i survived (just barely) another night of working
(second day in a row and i just atarted working and i was
off from july 20th so its kinda REALLY hard) anyways i
think i pulled a muscel in my right leg but my mother(wich
is a nurse) thinks that its just because im so exsauseted
from working. i have to work again tommorow as well but it
wont be as bad because i only have to work 2 to 5. i know
its not even worth going in for but ohwell.
the house seems to be getting hotter by the day and i was
awake this morning at 8 but i didnt have to get up till 10
so im really over doing myself by staying up at this time.
i know its not that late but by staying up i mean staying
upstairs where its so hottttttttttttttttttttttttttt
anyways i think im gonna go hang out down stairs where its
nice and cool
oh ya i almost forget thses are the people i saw at the
mall over the last two days of working
mr.gorge (shivers)
terry (shivers)
haha serge (i really didnt want to see that and while i
wasnt at work yet he kept on staring at me
a girl that use to be in my home room but she dropped out
bev's sister(she got her hair cut)
andrea (a girl that works with me but she wasnt working
with me today and she got her hair cut too)
and im sure many more but really i gotta go and cool off now
bye bye