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2001-01-13 20:00:08 (UTC)

I am bored out of my mind right..

I am bored out of my mind right now so I figured I'd write
out a long boring entry about a whole lot of nothing... Its
2:44 and I am soo tired my eyes are both really itchy
because I think I am getting or have gotten pink eye from
my nephew james.. that would suck... right now my dad is
outside putting a new radiator in his old car... I may get
stuck with it even tho I don't really want to drive it
because its freakin huge! its like a tank! Lets hope I can
get out of having to drive that.. maybe I'll get my sisters
jeep.. its alot nicer and i like jeeps (even tho its kinda

What else has happened?.... hmmm yesterday I was reading
through some of the other diaries on this site and they are
sooo weird... although mines not exactly normal... but some
of them its like the person is using it to write messages
to their friends or something, here i'll show ya an
Wut up Gangstaz jus poppin in 2 say welcomez to muh page i
think you'll lyke it yo. My baby nick iz only and he aint
talked to me yet i guess he waitin for me to talk to
him...I AINT! ha!Nah im clownin i'll tak to him. Yo did any
a yall watch them AMA?? Man WHAT was that Britney Spears
girl thinkin? I mean dang she made the worst dressed lizt!
Wooo dat got me ROLLIN! And yall kno whut??? Myeisha tolf
uz goin to da bus "GET OFF MY BOOOOKBAG!!" We wuz krackin
up! then she said "Imma kick yall bi*chez azz'z!!" and we
kracked up AGAIN! YOu know u laughin! ha! Peace out yall!

Someone please tell me WHAT THE HELL that said! Because
its all... uhhh... RETARDED! What a fuckin gansta she is

Well anyway... nothing else interesting has happened...
cept me and shanen don't talk as much as we used to... its
like we never see each other and when we do neither of us
don't have anything to say to each other... very sad state
of affairs... jeeeeesus! She just sent me a few IMs that I
didn't notice and then she signed off... one of the IMs was
a question that really needs to be answered so I'm going to
answer it right here and now because she will probably read
this later...

Shanen, I love you with all my heart and I could NEVER hate
you. The fact that you even asked that upsets me because
you know that I am in love with you... don't you? I'm
sorry for how I've been acting lately.. I'm very very

I know you said "stupid question, n/m..." but I'm answering
it anyway

I'm going to go now because I have alot on my mind and its
just not coming out... I need to stop and think for a
little while... farewell

"I know that I'm just a loser, without a future, and thats

-= Matt =-