2002-08-17 23:10:06 (UTC)

a rainy/boring day

well to day it rainied like 3 times already n i think it's
going to rain more, and thunderstorm too. well i just got
off the phone with my friend she's nuts, she wants me to
go out with her n her friends well kinda my friends too,
when it looks like it's going to rain again. ahhh i don't
know wa to do. i was supposed to go to temple today but i
didn't go, newayz no1 was going. so i stood home. n i want
to stay home. but im bored. but i feel sick. but im hungry.
n i want to look out 4 my friend, which she gets drunk a
lot. n sum of the people she hangs out with r anoying n
shit. ahhh i hate this but she is nice. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
fuck it i will just go to sleep. FUCK!!!!!!!!!

f u go 2 sleep!!!!