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2001-07-13 17:53:15 (UTC)

July 13, 2001

Woohoo! I had the greatest night at Canes. Lots of dancing
with different people. One in particular was just greatness
all wrapped in one package. Just oozing sexyness and I got
to kiss him.... he had the balls to kiss me actually. That
totally made my night. I so have to see more of him this
summer, at least before he leaves. I'm such a retard, but
that's okay, at least I'm a retard that got to make out with
someone... woohoo! That was a total boost in my outlook on
life. I know that life is so much better than how I was
looking at it. Oh and the other good thing about the evening
was as we were leaving Mike spoke to me more than he has in
the last few days. That's cool.... all is becoming right in
the world again.