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2001-01-13 19:45:39 (UTC)

*Shanen* Weekends suck. School..


Weekends suck. School suck. LIFE sux.

Here's another Matt-less weekend for me, even tho itz not
his fault, damn that pink eye. I mean I had other plans I
was going to end up ditching anyway, and now I don't have
to ditch them, but still.... I seem to have a much better
time with him there.

LuvAble2O1: so ur not feeling well 2day?
MonkiesNRhinos4E: not really
LuvAble2O1: i hope you feel better
MonkiesNRhinos4E: blah
LuvAble2O1: so i guess thatz another Matt-less weekend
MonkiesNRhinos4E: seems that way
MonkiesNRhinos4E: |= (_) |
MonkiesNRhinos4E: feel free to hate me

The thing is is that I can't hate him. Never. Not even a
little bit, even if I try. So I'm going to go and sulk now,