Raynewitch Ramblings
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2002-08-17 21:43:52 (UTC)


MOOD: Unsure

Im sick, sicker than they all know. I too scared to go to
the Doctor most of the time, Im frightened of what they
will find. You know when you can feel somethings night
right within yourself, plus physical sympotms or whatever.

I havent been back for the blood tests, I cant, not yet.
Maybe Im just prolonging the inevitable (and the constant
harrassment from those around me), actually I know I am,
but I cant do it...I cant keep letting them take my blood
and say "Inconclusive".

It weights heavy on the heart to know you are a burden...Im
a burden to my family, who take care of me when I get sick,
to my partner who stays home with me, rather than take
cares of his own needs and my friends who give up their
lives to support me.

I wish I wasnt so scared of Doctors and pain.

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