Jena's Rants
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2001-07-13 17:20:40 (UTC)

Here today, gone tomorrow.

So I go see the doctor, he called me in. Said he preferred
to see me in person to discuss my test results....this is
NEVER good. He can sense the apprehension in my voice, so
he tells me it's just so that we can go over a few things
and make another appointment. I am not buying it. He
knows he has wasted his time with a lie.
So they want to remove my ovaries. Because of swelling
caused by the cyst to my ovaries, Endometriosis has now
become a question, why never before I wonder? They want to
remove four of the cyst, because they are too large and are
causing me a significant amount of pain. So I need to get
a cystectomy, and the larger ones have compartments and
solids which means they definitely need to go anyhoo
because they are more likely to become malignant. So I
also need to have some blood test and need to check to see
if I have Endimetriosis, which would be so much better than
cancer any day. Woah, I feel much better now. This is not
so bad.