as the Oval turns
2001-07-13 16:49:31 (UTC)


Well, things have been going pretty well since the whole
incident with Pacey. He still talks to me on IM almost
every day, but I don't look to talk to him or anything.
The other day, he had said that he didn't like the drama he
gets into when he gets back to Columbus. I suggested to
him that a lot of it is his doing...I mean, most of the
drama that happens concerning him is b/c he's acting like a
jerk (but then again, maybe he's not acting!!). But that's day, he'll learn--I hope...
Later on today, I'm going back home to Michigan for the
weekend, for my friend's baby shower. Man, it's so weird.
I can't believe that time has flown so quickly. I remember
when I was in high school w/my peeps, acting crazy,
different kinds of drama, watching everyone else hooked up
with some dude, and I wanted that. And I got it in Bud my
senior year, and it was a big mistake. Never slept w/him
or anything, praise God, but it was a bad experience that I
wouldn't live through again for anything. That's why I
tell people never to get desperate for a man, b/c you'll
get a man that corresponds to your standards, I
Nowadays, half of my friends from high school either have
children or are currently expecting. I don't have the time
or the patience for kids, and I've never done anything that
would produce the result of kids...won't until marriage.
Yeah, a 20-year old virgin, and I'm at the point in my life
that I'd be pissed if I lost it to just any old dude. But
anyway, it'll be cool to see my old friends again, I
haven't seen many of them in a while. So much has happened
to all of us since we graduated, some of my peeps in '98,
and me and most of the rest of us in '99. Wow, time flies
when you're having fun......