The Black Hole
2001-07-13 16:29:35 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I talked with Kevin and Lisa all night last night till 3
am. Josh and Bri were on but they don't count.Kevin WAS one
of those people tht don't think of me as a BAD girl.
Grrr..everyone thinks I'm perfect. ANd I am sick and tired
of living up to everyones expectations. Grrr...

Wow! I work at Prevos now. Its a lot of fun. Lil Pete,
Chase, and Wade work there. I wish I could turn off my
flitrting ability. LOL. It is quite funny.

Wade grabs my hand whie we are putting things in bags and
Chase asks me if I'm single. COuld life get any better.
Hell yeah!!! Geez if things wen tmy way I would be going
out with 1 of 3 people(chase, Jake, or yeah) GOSH! OKay,
well I go back to home today finally!
I seriosly cna't wait!

I go campin on the 18th 19th and 20th! Its going to be so
much fun. Just us girls(best friends for life) and
Laura..and shes fun. NO adults! LOL. He He.

Grr.. I'm not sure what to write...I my mind is much

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