Nephanie's Life
2002-08-17 17:40:56 (UTC)

Scot and me's conversation

Yoda68NY: whats up?
Yoda68NY: dan says ur gay....idk
Nephanie6: ofh thats good
Nephanie6: oh*
Yoda68NY: yeah, thats what I was thinking
Nephanie6: hes just mad b/c i have more important things to
do than talk to him
Nephanie6: i was trying to finish my fuckin laundry actually
Yoda68NY: lol...what a bitch
Yoda68NY: lol
Nephanie6: no i was just kidding i would talk to him he was
just making fun of my profile so i really didn't have much
to say
Nephanie6: so yah anyways.....
Yoda68NY: oh, I ok...yah...anyway
Nephanie6: lol
Nephanie6: brb i have to check on my laundry
Yoda68NY: k
Yoda68NY: is your aunt there yet?
Yoda68NY: :-)
Nephanie6: no she's coming over soon i guess
Nephanie6: i am so pissed off!
Nephanie6: this one shirt will not dry!
Yoda68NY: lol..hahaha
Nephanie6: yah i just asked my mom when my aunts coming
over and she said any time now
Yoda68NY: haha....thats funny..I thought you were gonna run
away or something
Nephanie6: yah i just told her i am going to
Yoda68NY: lol
Nephanie6: angela freaked yesterday when i told that we
should go to your house
Yoda68NY: lol..why
Nephanie6: i was like joking with her and she spazed
Nephanie6: i don't know
Yoda68NY: haha...what about?
Yoda68NY: lol
Nephanie6: i just said were going to scot's tommarrow or at
least i am and she spazed
Nephanie6: she was liek have fun
Nephanie6: like*
Yoda68NY: wow...thats not good
Yoda68NY: haha
Yoda68NY: does she think she isn't welcome here or
Nephanie6: i don't know
Nephanie6: she is a hoebag
Yoda68NY: lol
Nephanie6: what the hell is up with dan over there
Nephanie6: he is like trying to piss me off
Yoda68NY: idk....why
Nephanie6: what a fag
Yoda68NY: I havent been talking to him..since he told me to
tell you that you were gay.....
Nephanie6: did you tell him about steve?
Nephanie6: lol
Nephanie6: i can see him getting mad over that
Yoda68NY: haha...he probably would
Nephanie6: i know
Nephanie6: i don't think he even knew that i have been
friends with steve for a while now
Yoda68NY: idk
Nephanie6: you don't
Nephanie6: your supposed to
Nephanie6: what the hell is wrong with you!
Nephanie6: lol
Yoda68NY: know what? am I supposed to know whether
Dan knew that you were friends with Steve or not?
Nephanie6: lol you not supposed to
Yoda68NY: ok
Yoda68NY: thought so
Nephanie6: brb have to see if that damn shirt is dry
Yoda68NY: well, i gotta run up to the city real quick...I
should be back in a few hours...PEACE!!!
Nephanie6: k

Auto response from Yoda68NY: back shortly

Yoda68NY signed off at 11:39:27 AM.
Yoda68NY signed on at 11:40:00 AM.
Nephanie6: ?

Auto response from Yoda68NY: back shortly