Millie Wants, But Doesn't Get
2001-07-13 14:51:19 (UTC)



I havae not written about a lot lately but I hope today I
can!! hehe. Well Softball had been going real well. Our
record is 7 and 1. The one we lost we really should ahve
won.. it was out first game but o well..stuff happens!! ( U
peeps remember that one too)The last game we had I think I
did pretty well. I never had a hit because they walked me
the whole time but at least I got on the bag and was able to
score!!! I scored about 2 or 3 times. One I half slid...I
didn't think I needed to but eveyone was yellin at me to
slide so I did.. even though I was safe by a mile! Then (I
play first) I cought a ball that was headed right for me!!
If i missed it.. it would have hurt.. then i touched the bag
and made a double play!! So that was cool. I called my mom
(cuz i was at my dads) and she told me that our softball
tournament was canceld. I was sooo upset!! I had never been
in a tounament because of camps and stuff (which i was
suppose to leave for one the day after the tournament) But I
guess I got over it.. maybe next year.. but next year it a
whole nother year awaay!!! ARG!! O well I guess I will get
over it!!
This week I have been at my dads and it has been soooo
boring!! Nottin to do at all!! ARG!! Though on Wed. WE went
to my grandmas and then left Thursday. My grandma took us
out to eat for a lunchen thing with the church at a nice
resteraunt. I felt really weird cuz it was full of old
ladies!!!! hehe.. they had hott waiters. One of the guys
spilled some soup on the back of a lady!! I felt soo bad for
him because after he did it and he kept apoligizing he boss
was standing over there and he is like GET OVER HERE RIGHT
NOW and he was yelling at him. I felt bad cuz accidents
happen and it was not that bad. Oh well lol it was kinda
funny though!
When I returned from my dads house last time to my moms I
came home to a b-ball hoop and a trampoline!!! I was sooo
excited!! I could not believe that my mom got 2 at one time.
So all week i had sleepovers and friends over.. it was
great. Also that week i went to the beach a lot so that was
cool. Well I'd better get goin' if i member anything else I
will write later!! Please write me!!