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2002-08-17 12:29:41 (UTC)

Livvy-Pooh Is Preggie!

Thursday (08/15/02)I had an amniocentesis (amnio) test. It
really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It
lasted maybe two minutes and there wasn't that much
discomfort except for a bit of cramping. The baby has been
wiggling like mad lately, but after every wiggle follows a
contraction.Have any of you ever been 14/15/16/17 and
pregnant? Its very difficult, even it was our fault. We're
taking responsibility for our actions...not dismissing
them. Enough on that, I am tired of trying to justify
myself, and my fellow pregnant teens for some of you.
Examine yourselves...find YOUR imperfections and exploit
them. We're doing the best we can...just leave us alone. Oh
bah. Anyhoo!!! At my last DR. appt. they said ONE BABY!!! I
am measuring at the right size for 14 weeks of pregnancy,
and we heard one perfect heartbeat. 160bpm. It took them
awhile to find the heartbeat, and it really frightened me.
Luckily, the wiggles were real. The baby is good!! I had a
pap smear and exam too. Eww. Might I say I hate those
things with an undying passion. Well im gunna go now ill
post some more later! Bye and have a nice day!!

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