Life as it seems
2001-07-13 13:15:50 (UTC)

Life as it seems

Well I haven't kept notes about my life in a diary since I
was about 16 years old, which was along time ago. I guess I
feel it's my therapy now. Something I can do to let me
reflect on what's going on in my life. Maybe my life is not
as good or bad as it seems to be. Well I'm actually pretty
content right now. I think I've achieved a lot in the last
2 years considering the alternatives I had. I'm a young mom
with 2 boys married when I want to be. I deal with my
husband daily, debating on whether or not I can see myself
with him 5 years from now. I don't. I see myself being
successfull with my career, living independently and
happily being a single mom. I truly don't think I was meant
to be married. I'm too demanding and independent. Last
night we got into an argument over my raise I just got at
work. I thought I got a pretty good raise considering that
I started with this company at a very low position and have
definitely climbed my way up the corporate ladder and won't
stop till I reach the top. I will be getting my certificate
next year. He says I should quit now and leave for more
money cause I'm worth it. I try to tell him that it's not
good to jump from job to job. I'm trying to build a clean
resume for myself. By the time I get 1 more year experience
under my belt and my certificate I'll be able worth a lot
more than I am now. So why leave now and then leave my
future job a year later. Doesn't make sense. I am looking
out for myself in the long run. He just wants instant
gratification and that kind of satisfaction usually doesn't
last long. Well that's it for now. Just like sex...a
quickie is not as satisfying as an all nighter.