Emotional Fluctuations
2002-08-17 08:57:45 (UTC)

Guess who's back...

Well, it has been a while and i really would love 2 catch u up 2 speed. And watch this. It won't take long.
Since our last encounter I have met several women all of whom are unavailable to me 4 vairous reasons
(nothing new there). Andy, Heidi, Jason and myself put ona successful Shakespeare Festival and I'm so
very proud of that. I'm going 2 be working the NOrthern Ren Faire and that's hella cool but my schedule
keeps changing. I've seen a lot of new movies but there r so many and so little finances. I have been on a
writting frenzy and haven't slowed down yet. It seems as though anything can spark a poem. I was at the
poetry spot last night and freestyled a 3 minute piece. I t was beautiful and I wish I had a recorder. (note
2 a recorder). Let's see, what else... not much. Unrequited love is a bitch as is unrequited
affection. No more on that. well, maybe later. I sent Destiny a letter I hope she doesn't flip out over. It's
very poetic and lovely. I copied it 4 future use. That's all 4 now. c u n a few more months :-) hopefully I'll
have juicy Ren Faire stories 2 tell. None from southern, sadly. I am hoping Northern is more
freaky...we'll c. tata4now. May the saddest day in your future b no worse than the happiest day in