A Princess
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2001-07-13 12:46:57 (UTC)


AHHHHHHHHHH this is so depressing ur never gonna believe
what just happened, I nearly stood in beetle crap! lol Ewww
I have this squished beetle on my carpet its so nasty,hehe!
Okay so its not depressing but what is, is chris is leaving
me for another woman! Ok, OK not quite but hes going on
camp, camp smamp whats the point of it I say,lol :( Na hes
gonna be out enjoying himself when Im at home with the
kidz ;) My first day without him will be 2moro, Im going
ice skating to ease the pain,lol If I can Im still deaded
im afraid,lol. What am I going to do without my baby, I
will prob become best bud with Mike ;) Justplaying with ya
baby, I think only 2 people ever read this thing, chris n
fly...Well they r da bomb :) Chippers is nothing compared
to my logger,hehe. OOOOO and chris I think I will remind u
again if n e girls approach u, I dont care if they r dying
or just need simple instructions u ignore them got it?
Noooo Im not over protective :) I need swimwear,muhahahaha
but im ill so I sent my mum out for it,hehehehe she better
get the right one, my size in this one is so depressing,lol
just because my size looks like a 0 :( Ooooh there are
these really nice shoes in the cat, Im working my magic,
they'd look great wiht my clothes,hehe, ooooo can I sound n
e more airheaded? L0L...Hmmmm CHRIS GET ME THAT ADDRESS, I
need it,muhahahaha Its gonna be weird not talking to him, I
died after not seeing him for one week went he went to
Fl... Its okay I have skool for a week and a bit sp that
will keep me semi occupied...I will have some sleepovers n
stuff to put my mind off it, yup thats it and I will eat
chocolate, lots...No I cant do that I feel unhealthey when
I eat whole packets of cookies,hehehehe and I feel bad when
it doesnt really effect me, I dont gain 2 sizes or n e
thing,lol. I eat so much, yum yum yum, Im getting hungry
ahhh I bet I'll pay for it one day,lol :( Clothes clothes,
la la la la Mum just rang, they only have the size
I bet it wont fit :( Oh well Im desperate,lol hmmmmm what
else do I need...SUNGLASSES, I want some, muhahahahaha and
a hat...chris.... hehe Hmmmmm I love my baby hes such a bad
ass hottie,hehe and the cutest lil thing ever awwwww, hmmmm
Im not looking good...Itz cos Im ill okay...Itz k I'll look
at josh hartnett and think of my baby:) I need some more
pictures to look at...I feel so bad cos I havent got any
pictures of me, its weird but I seriously dont have any, we
jsut dont take pictures in my family and all chris has got
is that muffed up one,lol awwww im sowwie baby :( Well Im
writing another indepth diary entry tonite cos...CHRIS IS
LEAVING!!! Okay Tara deep breaths...Im going to go cry in a
corner now,lol
Lots of Love,

P.S Do ya reckon I broke the record for the longest diary
entry???? :)

P.P.S Anyone know how to drop 2 sizes in the matter of an hour...That
swimsuit will be mine,muhahahaha!