down in my eyes
2002-08-17 07:38:12 (UTC)

my shurt?

During my *productive* day taday, i had to work at the
bookstore AND at quiznos. Woah.
Yesterday, all the employees at the bookstore were given
a shirt to wear to work taday. ('n the shurt reads "I
Survived Fall Rush 2002") Well, I did so.. 'n then in
the few minutes in between my jobs.. i had to change
uniforms.. so i left my cool shurt on the drivers seat
in the car..
During work, Dennis (the manager) left early,.. so
Mike was in charge. He's my buddy,.. which is coool,
cuz he's my supervisor, too. He ended up hooking me 'n
Courtney up with free starbucks Fraps. yay.
After work at quiznos i kept Mike company since he was
closen up, 'n Courtney had to leave, cuz her boyfriend
was waiten for her. 'N i ended up given Mike a ride
home... It wasn't until i got home, that i realized my
cool butt shurt was gone.
He had stolen my shirt! What the heck!? Hmmm.

Anyway, to make up for my lack-of entries, 'n to TRY to
sound useful,.. lemme introduce my worken crew. I know
i'm missing some people. but, off the top of my head..

At the bookstore...:

Charmaine: she's still a Sr. in high school, at
Pomona high. she's a bad ass raver chick
tho, 'n wears about 50 bracelets 'n
necklaces of EVERY color.
She's really cool to talk to tho.
Engred: she's short. lol. but she's a sweetie tho.
I haven't really talked to her much until
taday tho. She kinda reminds me of a high
school friend i had..
David W.: It's awesome worken next to him, cuz he's
always maken me laugh, 'n i can't get
enuff of his goofiness. I dunno why, but
ireally like silly guys.. The way he talks,
kinda reminds me of Keanu Reeves.
He has that... laid-back-surfer-ish voice.
He has a nice smile, too. Too cute.
Haymen: He's the Cool asian guy. Before taday, all
we ever did was acknowledge each other with
a nod, or a "hey." But taday we had our
breaks at the same time, 'n i finally got to
truly talk to him. He kicks ass. He's goin
to UCSD, once the semester starts,..'n he's
gonna major in web design, i think he said.
He went to Walnut High, too. ididnt know
him, but found out- he was a senior, when i
was a freshman. He has pretty eyes.
Miguel: He's the LOUD one. Tameka 'n Engred have
a crush on him. He's cool somtimes, but
he's also really annoyen, at the same
time. He bought me a Donut the other
day. yay
Tameka: Um.. she's a cray-Z chica.
David: He's one of the big Pimps at work. Blah.
But he loves Slipknot, 'n System of a
Down. He's a big moshing-holic, 'n he's
goin to OZFest. If he were to grow his
hair alil longer, he'd look Exactly like
SERJ, from System of a Down. He says
he gets mistaken for him alot, 'n is even
asked for his autograph. cool. weird.
Lester: He has long *pretty* hair-- ..like a girls' tho.
He's filiphino, but he looks Hawaiian.
Peter: He's the other big Pimp at work. He's
not as annoyen as David, but he too,
really needs to learn how to keep the
lowdown on his flirtatiousness..
He's cool otherwise, tho. 'N he says
he's gonna come visit me at work (at
quiznos), sometime. He always helps me
open my locker, with his Hardcore-ness,
when i have problems with it.
William: He's a kicked back doode, who has a
semi Afro, goin on. He helps me open my
locker too, when i have problems with it.
Artie(Arthur): yay. he's my buddy from high
school. He's a cute lil skater
doode, that i've known since i was a
Sr. in high school, 'n he was a
freshman. He's a Senior this year
tho. He use to be really short,
but now i hafta look UP, when i
talk to him. Is it him,... or Am I
shrinken? Crazy.
Geoff("Jeff"): He's Artie's buddy, 'n also a
still a Sr. in high school.
I think he's cute, but i haven't
really talked to him much.
He use to just call me "hey you."
but Artie kept getten on him,
reminden him that i DO have a
name. Now he calls me "Jan".
"V": He's our supervisor. he's a really cool guy
tho, who's always joken around with us. He's
always walken around with a clipboard,..
Some of us still don't know his name, so we
call him.. "the doode with that clipboard". lol.
Lonnell: He's aiite. He knows aloot about
Cars,.. 'n NBA stuffs.
Charles: He's Miguel's cousin. I haven't talked to him
much. He seems like a quiet guy.
I thought it was funny, cuz taday, he was
walken around work with a piece of tape on his
shirt, where he'd written..:
"Hi. My name is Charles. How may I help you?"
...'N... Kenneth: He's the BIGgest Pimp at work.
Engred says Charmaine likes him. Hmm.
He violated me yesterday tho... Ewwww. :(
Engred kept tellen me taday, that i
should report him.. for sexual harrassment....

Blaaah. I've said enuff.

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